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35011 Las Palmas
N.I.E Y0011972A

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It is not allowed to store content or other interactive content from PixeliaElectronics on electronic media. In particular, it is prohibited to extract email addresses, etc from the content of the pages of PixeliaElectronics and abuse for commercial or other correspondence that meet the crime of spam.

PixeliaElectronics reserves, in case of violation, legal action.

The use of trade names and terms is not allowed. Violators will be prosecuted.

The owner of this website explicitly states that any infringement of the rights of others, the first competition laws or require an adequate explanation and without any cost to the address of the operator. This ensures that the content will be immediately criticized rightly removed or changed.

PixeliaElectronics expressly declare that they have no influence on the design and content of linked pages. We dissociate ourselves from all contents of linked sites and related pages and announce that they do not adopt these contents. The declaration applies to all pages and links shown on PixeliaElectronics and for all contents of the pages.