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Our service for you!

Here we provide an overview of the ways in which we can work for you.

Creating websites:

We can build customized Web pages for you to your needs. From a small website for presentation to more complex portals with automatic processes.

We use a variety of programming languages ​​including the popular Ajax. In addition, information SEO (SEO) is included. We do not see ourselves as an SEO optimizer but we can prepare the site, as it is required by the search engines.


They are based on individual requirements. We are pleased to offer you an individual offer.
We guarantee that we will make fair prices.

Graphic design:

For a modern website, of course, a good design is required. But there is more. Thus we can also create banners or flyers and business cards.
Everything that has to do with graphics, is with us in the right hands.


Banner Creation


  • 2 pieces in jpg, gif and png
Creating brochures and business cards
  • Depending on the size and complexity
Graphic design for websites
  • (Depending on the complexity) included in our offers for Web Creation
Image processing
  • Depending on the complexity

Computer Services:

We can also provide a service for your own equipment.
The following operating systems we can manage: BSD (Unix), Linux, OSX (Apple) and Windows.
Whether hardware or software, we can help with any problem.


Naturally, this depends on the amount of maintenance. We do not charge travel time. We only charge a service fee for the "first look" with an offer later for the necessary repair or expansion. This service fee is € 16.50 (+IGIC).


Webhosting with German quality since our servers are located in Germany. And this at an unbeatable price! We only offer three hosting packages, but those are perfectly adequate.
If you have any desire or need for a larger package, the price is set individually.


WEB Business Card

€269/mon (+IGIC)

  • incl. 1 domain (com,net,org,eu,name,us,be)
    Others possible against surcharge!
  • Set up fee (*)
  • 107,00€ (+IGIC)
  • 1 GB Storage
  • 5 Mailboxes
Web Hosting Package A

€579/mon (+IGIC)

  • incl. 1 domain (com,net,org,eu,name,us,be)
    Others possible against surcharge!
  • 10 Subdomains
  • 5 Databases
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 5 Mailboxes
  • FTP Access
Web Hosting Package B

€995/mon (+IGIC)

  • incl. 1 dominio (com,net,org,eu,name,us,be)
    Others possible against surcharge!
  • 25 Subdomains
  • 15 Databases
  • 25 GB Storage
  • 25 Mailboxes
  • FTP Access and Cronjobs**
The minimum term is 12 months! Payable every 12 months in advance! **Cronjobs on request, no direct access posible!


We also offer help with your advertising. We love to discuss your wishes. Also you can book advertising space on our website-info grancanaria.com at favorable prices through our website.
The price list can be found on the portal. We also work together with Friends Medien. We are official distributor of the GayMap on the Canary Islands.
The prices are very reasonable for the islands, as they are for a year, and now start at € 235 a year.